The day the music died (wifi range extender?)

  • 2 October 2016
  • 1 reply

For over a year I've been enjoying a three room set-up: two PLAY1 and a PLAYBAR, connected by BRIDGE and taking advantage of my extended wifi network. Never a hiccup.

Today is the day the music died.

Two of the rooms dropped off the network - even though the signal is strong for every other wifi device. The error message says I need to buy another thing, suddenly, in the middle of a song, despite the fact that the wifi extender was totally fine during the first half of the song.

What gives? :@

UPDATE: If I reboot the BRIDGE, all players appear in the Rooms, but they disconnect as soon as I try to play anything.

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1 reply

It sounds like some speakers have flipped to the WiFi instead of talking to the BRIDGE. Go to About My Sonos System. Do some of the units show "WM:1"? If so you must have configured your router WiFi details into Sonos via Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup at some stage.

If that's the situation you'll need to get all the Sonos units back onto SonosNet. Temporarily turn off the extender and power the "WM:1" units off and on again. Check they now all show "WM:0" then go to Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup and remove (reset) the WiFi credentials there.