the connection to Tunein was lost

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For the past 2 weeks (end of April 2017) I have not been able to run podcasts through the SONOS app on onto my SONOS speakers. I get the message "the connection to Tunein was lost". The radio stations play just fine and podcasts older than 2 weeks play just fine, but not the new ones. When I use the Tunein app directly the podcasts play just fine so I am pretty sure it is not a copyright issue.
Any suggestions from anyone?

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Sonos seems to be completely ignoring the issue. Early on they asked for specific error codes etc. which I provided. But since then, nothing. Either they are ignoring the issue (disappointing) or can't fix it (alarming). It is definitely a Sonos issue.
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I can confirm that the problem has been resolved (at least thus far) by updating to V 8.0 (and now 8.1).
No. It hasn't been resolved. I'm having the same problem listening to "The John Batchelor Show" podcast, which is in the TuneIn listings. It will play correctly perhaps one out of 10 tries.
I'm having the same issue with v8.2.2. I submitted diagnostic report 8222040.
I am receiving the connection to Relisten was lost. Software is up to date on Sonos and I’ve uninstaled and reinstalled Relisten but not luck. Diagnostic code:844054852