The connection to Spotify was lost!!

  • 1 December 2018
  • 11 replies

Sonos will not play any music this morning. Repeated message of -“name of track”followed by the connection to Spotify was lost.

I have deleted the app and reinstalled, restarted hub, turned Sonos on and off several times (as well as disconnecting the Ethernet cable. Please help, I don’t want a whole Saturday without music!!

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11 replies

Me too! I have exact same issue - never had this before
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This is a quite common issue unfortunately. I have the same trouble right now, but it was working a couple of hours ago. My guess is that the 'API-link' from Sonos to Spotify has been compromised and that this is a common error, ie affects many, if not all.
Me too!
Have the same issue as many of you. How is it corrected will Sonos respond here?
same problem for me, although it's the first time it's happened. In the UK and have had the same connection/setup for years.
Happened to me all morning, but only through the IOS app.. It's working fine through the Windows application.
I have reset my sopify within the Sonos app and now working. Under settings
Mine just started working
Yep - mine now working - I've done nothing this end