The arc does not start the audio return sound

  • 2 August 2022
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My setup: I have and LG tv ( it has eARC) and a appletv and a ARC.

I use the remote from the appletv.

When i turn on the appeltv it turns on my tv aswell.


But lateliy the sonos arc dosnt start the sound ( audio return channel) the sound comes out of my tv insted.

i can then mauely aktivate the return channel on my tv and then the sound comes out of my ARC.

 It have always worked,but for about a week ago it dit not work..

I have not made any changes on my setup.

I have tryed a power draine.With all the hdmi plugs pulled out of my tv.

what am i missing?

please help.


P.S there have ben no update to my tv,i update the tv mauely.So no changes there.



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Try this (in this exact order):

Disconnect everything from the TV including the Arc. Then unplug the TV and Arc from power for a couple of minutes. Plug the TV and Arc back in but keep everything disconnected. Make sure Simplink is enabled in the TV settings and run TV Setup in the Sonos app under the Arc’s settings. Follow the instructions. When the app instructs you, connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC port using the Sonos-supplied HDMI cable. After the Arc has been successfully connected, connect the Apple TV to the TV and test again.

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:(  it worked one day then it was back to the sound is comming out of the tv. 

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Hi @skodman 

Thanks for your post!

Do you have any other devices connected to the TV via HDMI? If so, please test with them disconnected - if you no longer experience the issue, then you likely need to disable CEC features on that disconnected device when you reconnect it.

I hope this helps.