Taiwan is not a province of China

  • 2 December 2017
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I was trying search on the website to see if there is any place I can just file a ticket to the Sonos team, but it seems I can only create a new topic in the Community. Okay.

I came from Taiwan and I a long time user of KKBOX. We bought our PLAY:1 this August and have been loving and enjoying it a lot. One day the idea of trying to stream KKBOX library came to my mind and I googled if SONOS supports KKBOX. To my surprise it does! although for some reason I was not able to add KKBOX as streaming service on my iOS SONOS app. I read further the web page and found that KKBOX+SONOS seems to be only supported in specific regions.
Taiwan, of course is listed as the first one of the supported places, though there are couple of words "province of China" added after it. No offense to anybody, but Taiwan is definitely not a province of China.

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4 replies

Geopolitics/Realpolitik operates over any considerations of merit. Unfortunate, but that is how the world has always been run. And corporations are rarely an exception to that.
Out of curiosity, I did some research and I was stunned to read this:

Stunned only at how double speak is now openly present on the same page in official governmental statements. Maybe international lawyers can parse the sentences to refute this, but to a layman, it is double speak.
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The U.S. has been trying to walk both sides of the China-Taiwan issue for decades, often in a very puzzling fashion. There’s a decent Wikipedia summary under “Taiwan–United States relations”.
I know about this; and this is an extreme example of how to live having painted oneself into a corner - it takes fancy footwork. I was only surprised to see flagrant double speak on ONE page in a US State department public document. I would have expected at least a left hand/right hand separation!