Tagging complation albums of FLAC files - both COMPILATION=1 or ITUNESCOMPILATION=1 don't work

  • 19 February 2018
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I'm currently in the process of transferring my CD collection into FLAC files to play it through my Sonos system, made up of a number of Play:1 connected through a BRIDGE.

I have written a custom script on Linux to do the conversation and tagging so are in total control over what tags to apply to the resulting audio files.

For MP3 files in the past I have been using the TCMP=1 tag to signify a compilation album and using 'Use ITunes Compilations' under Manage Music Library as I like the layout of having the artist name underneath the title for the track listings.

Is there a comparable tag for flac files that Sonos supports? The research I've done on the Internet suggests that, whilst iTunes does not support flac files, both COMPILATION=1 or ITUNESCOMPILATION=1 may work, but I've tried these on my Sonos system with success.

I've used the ENSEMBLE tag set to 'Various Artists' and 'Use Album Artists' set, but as above I really want the the layout of having the artist name underneath the title for the track listings which only appears to be offered under iTunes Complations.

I've tried asking the question direct to Sonos but disappointingly that say that they are not able to help, despite as you might expect being the only people that could answer authoritatively as they wrote the code.

5 replies

ALBUMARTIST works for flac files, i've not used ENSEMBLE. Don't know how it interacts with COMPILATION or ITUNESCOMPILATION for the display you're looking for. As flac files use vorbis tagging and mp3 files use id3 tagging, it's very likely that there is different behavior between them. Over ten years ago when flac tagging improvements were added to Sonos, flac and itunes were entirely different worlds. It might work, but I would not be surprised if it's just not possible.
I searched the internet as well and I didn't find a solution. Although my tags are what they should be the artist is nothing showing in the layout , only the track. When I play the track, then the artist is displayed in the queue so sonos does recognise the artist tag. Very frustrating!
Does anyone has a solution for this? It's very strange the pêople from sonos aren't helping.
Claudius, you describe it better than me, but I have the exact same issue
I have just come across this issue as I recently ripped around 300 of my compilation CDs and could not believe that the Sonos app totally ignores the actual artist of the track (even though it is there) with only Various Artists (the Album Artist Name) being shown.

if I go through folders view, I can get the artist to show underneath the Track Title, but not if I search through artists which defaults to an Album search. Is there any work-around, or is Sonos content to leave this unsatisfactory state of affairs as the only solution?
Because of this issue I use DS Audio of my Synology-NAS now in stead of the Sonos-app and I don't regret it for a bit.
Looks as though Sonos don't really care about this! A shame really - I'll check out your suggestion! Tks.