System working but poor network matrix. Assessment needed

  • 13 January 2021
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My network seems to be working quite well.  I recently added a new Play One SL and was curious about my Sonos network so I pulled up the network matrix.  My Living Room (LF, RF), Living Room (SW) and Deck are connected via ethernet.  Deck is actually a Connect:AMP that sits near my server cabinet.  None of the other speakers are on WiFi except for the move.  I connect them to ethernet to setup and that is it.

I assume the red boxes are bad.  What can I do to improve that?


2 replies

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The red is usually local RF noise, not always from a radio equipped product. My problem device was a simple WD hard drive that needed to be a meter from my speaker for music to play well.

It’s good that Deck is wired because the Noise Floor is too high for practical wireless support. I agree with Stanley_4 that something near Deck is polluting the area. You may also have something near Living Room. Cable boxes or streaming boxes can sometimes cause issues.