system going wonky after adding new move

  • 10 May 2022
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My set-up for the past 18 months has been 5.1.2 in the living room (arc sl, sub, 2x one SLs) and a move in the kitchen.  This set up has been flawless and issue free the whole time I’ve had it.

Last week I added a 2nd move to the mix and now I’m experiencing issues.  The 2nd move seems to drop out quite frequently, and now on occasion the arc is dropping off the network.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?  Is it possible that the 2nd move is just overloading my wi-fi?  

My wife was a bit skeptical about a new Sonos already, now really not happy that the system isn’t working!

Any suggestions to fix this?



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6 replies

Have you tried rebooting the local network and powering off/on each of your devices, or maybe tried changing the routers WiFi channels that are currently in use? If so and you still have no joy with things working correctly, then you would ideally need to provide a little more detail here about your local network, for example…

  • Type/Make Model of Router.
  • WiFi bands/channels in use.
  • If using SonosNet for your non-portable Sonos devices. Also which devices are wired to the LAN
  • Any switches on the network managed/unmanaged.
  • Any other WiFi Hubs/Extenders/Repeaters/Powerline Adapters.
  • If your Sonos devices have their IP addresses reserved in your DHCP reservation table.

I would certainly try the reboot of the LAN/Sonos Devices to begin with, then maybe try a different channel on your router and report back with more information if the connection problems still then persist.

Rebooted everything last night and all was good for the time being.  Fingers crossed

Looks like it worked for about a day.  Today I’ve had intermittent drop outs of various Sonos devices.  First my sub and left surround dropped.  

After turning off both of my moves, I was able to get the sub and surround reconnected.  However now the 2nd move won’t reconnect when turned back on.  Further, I can’t play music on my move and arc/sub/ones at the same time!


Can you provide some details about your setup as outlined above, it may help to make suggestions of some things to perhaps try including moving some of your system over to SonosNet and/or trying a different channel on your WiFi router etc.

System is all on the first floor and all are on wifi.  Move #1 is in the kitchen ~50 ft from wireless router.  ArcSL/sub/2xOneSL are in living room, with arc ~15 ft from router.  Move #2 is in bedroom, ~8 ft from wireless router.


All areas get good wifi connection based on other nearby devices.  My wifi is with the Xfinity XFi gateway XB6.  Looking at the gateway specs, it states 30 connect client limit on 2.4ghz.  Is there a chance I’ve hit my wifi device limit, so it is booting the Sonos devices?

You would have to check your router configuration pages to see if you are reaching any kind of device limit, but as all are running on your 2.4Ghz WiFi band, have you tried changing the WiFi channel. I would suggest using either channel 1, 6 or 11 …and if your router allows, set the channel-width to 20Mhz only and see if that perhaps improves things.