Symfonisk wont connect to network

  • 18 November 2019
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My existing Sonos system consist of one beam and two Sonos one. We bought three new Ikea Symfonisk Book Shelf recently and I have tried everything in my power to add them into our existing Sonos system.  'Adding', 'Find missing', I got as far as entering the wifi password, but then they just won't connect to the network. I tried connecting them through the router, that was also a no go. I reset the Symfonisks several times, that didn't seem to help either.

I upgraded my Sonos App (Android) to the latest version hoping it would help to add the Symfonisks, that made things worse. Now the two Sonos one sometimes loses connection (sound go off and on). 

Anyone can suggest anything else I can try??

Thank you!

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