Symfonisk performs differently through airplay and alexa

  • 28 April 2020
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Hi I could use some help here.

I’ve had 5 sonos units (two 1st Gen S5, one Beam and two paired Symfonisk lamps) and a Boost. The Symfonisk lamps are suffering from massive lag or even sometimes randomly skip songs if I choose to play any music from subscription channels on the Sonos app or through AirPlay. However if I asks Alexa to play say music from Apple Music, the song normally starts to play instantly without any of the abovementioned problems. I doubt it has anything to do with wifi or wired because if so Alexa wouldn’t improve anything here.

Really look forward to some input on what has caused it and some possible solutions. Cheers.

5 replies

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Hello @User672764,

Welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for reaching out with your question.  We apologize for the long delay in responding to your case. If you are still having difficulty with your Sonos system, can you submit a diagnostic report to us so that we can see what might be at the root of this issue?

Please post the confirmation number here so that we can pull the report and have a look.  

Hi Jean. Thank you.


My confirmation number is 1536100855.

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Hello @User672764,

Thank you for your response and your diagnostic report. 

  • Does this playback delay only occur on the Ikea Symfonisk lamps or do you have delays if you use Airplay on other devices as well?
  • How far apart form each other are the two lamps?
  • How far from your Sonos Boost are either of them?  

It also looks like you have a Netgear router, is this a part of a mesh set-up like Orbi or is it a stand alone router in use with your ISP modem?

Do you have any additional access points or WiFi extenders in your network that your phone or tablet controller could be connecting to?

It’s interesting that playback issues seem to happen when there is a third device involved (Sonos controller app) so understanding how your speakers and your mobile are communicating to each other could be a bit part of figuring out what is happening here. 

Hi Jean,

Yes strange enough this problem only happnes with the Symfonisk lamps with the delay/stop issue.

The two lamps are not far away and I’ve paired them up. The distance is about a queen bed away, ie 1.8m.


The boost is right next to the router, which is a bit faraway from the router. But the reception should be good. Because I’ve got alexa and smart tv and they work perfectly even when streaming video content from the Internet.

My netgear is a standalone router, not an orbi mesh system.

I don’t have any other extender, which I used in the past and didn’t help at all. As I menetioned what is strange is that all other units are working well in the same room.

Thank you.

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Hello @User672764,

Thank you for your detailed response. 

In the diagnostic data, it looks like your “Left” Symfonsik lamp is getting it’s network connection from the Bedroom Play:5 speaker which in turn is communicating to the Boost. Since the Left speaker is the “brains” in that stereo pair, that hopscotching data connection is likely the source of the the audio issue. 

While you are using Airplay, the music on your iOS device is traveling thus: phone → router→ Boost> Play:5> Symfonisk Lamp.

The connection between the Play: 5 in the bedroom back to the Boost is also looking a bit weak to begin with so its passing a weak signal on to your Symfonisk lamps.

The “right” speaker is connecting directly to the Boost and it may be possible to resolve the issue in part by switching the left and the right speaker positions (either by physically swapping the speakers themselves or by breaking the stereo-pair in the app and recreating the stereo pair) but the improvement would be marginal at best. 

How far are the lamps from the Boost approximately in feet or meters? Can the location of this Boost be adjusted to shorten the distance between it and the bedrooms?

Is there anything in the line of sight between the lamps and the Boost that could be causing wireless interference?