Swapped out tv, now not recognizing connection

  • 2 October 2016
  • 6 replies

Restarted all devices. Verified digital audio sending signal - red light coming through. New tv model kdl 40s4100. Diagnostic sent in.

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6 replies

Should note that music plays through sound bar and other speakers in living room,.

Diag number 6602439
Verified digital audio sending signal - red light coming through.
That simply means that the optical transducer is alive. It in no way verifies that there's any data.
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Not really clear what you mean by "Not recognising connection". Are you getting an error message or are you just saying you get no audio?

If no audio make sure the format is one that is recognised.
Previously when the tv was turned on, sonos automatically switched the living room sound to tv. Now, with the news tv, sonos dies not recognize. The living sound does play music. No error code.
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You probably need to configure your TV, via the TV menu -- Audio settings, to output audio.

I suspect there is no audio being sent out hence the Playbar is not playing anything
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Hi, Mfurlone. Can you please check your TV's audio output settings and ensure that it is set to send a signal out through its optical port? The diagnostics show that the PLAYBAR is not receiving a signal from the TV.