Surrounds playing full music playback from external source

  • 27 October 2015
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I have 2 Play 1s acting as surrounds to a Playbar. I have them set so when I play music via the Sonos app, the surrounds play full music playback rather than just giving surround effect. But I also like to play music via my Apple TV and really like the visual aspect of being able to see what I’m playing on the TV – very cool for parties!! However, because this is an external source, Sonos doesn’t recognise that it’s specifically music playback so won’t automatically do full music playback through the Play 1s. I just get the surround effect.

My workaround is to constantly unlink the surrounds and re add as a stereo pair. And then re add them again as surrounds when I want to watch TV. This is quite clunky especially now with True Play and having to set that up again each time I switch them over

Are there any plans to add the option for 2 surround speakers to play full music playback when using an external source. I think this will be even more of an issue when the new Apple TV launches next week with Apple Music installed and people want to be able to have the benefit of the Apple Music visuals on the TV as well as full music playback through all speakers

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5 replies

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It is a frequent request to allow full stereo from sources on toslink. Would be nice to have a button where the night mode and vocal enhance is to toggle on stereo mode.

So far nothing from Sonos on the request.
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go to the wishlist thread I created - no one has checked that box as one of their top requests.
Thanks Chris - also just found this thread, so added my comment there - sounds like lots of people asking for this
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Neil - as you have seen - lots of people asking in lots of places for the same basic functionality of most 5.1 systems and something already possible for Music, just not content via optical.

Still waiting on Sonos for an answer, 1 year later 😞
This feature is a must if you have a homepod and existing playbar 5.1 setup (play1s) with Apple TV! I want to easily pair my HomePod to my 5.1 system through Apple TV. We don’t get airplay2 so this is needed.

At least add the app to the supported list of siri shortcuts (or even open up more options on IFTTT) so we can group/ungroup and bond/unbond surrounds easily without bumbling through settings on your app everytime.