Surround sound cuts in and out

  • 24 December 2016
  • 4 replies

Need help, while watching football games or listening to music my surroundsound cuts in and out my Internet speed is 200 Mbps through Comcast which I'm sure is fast enough to operate my Wi-Fi need help keeping my sound on continuous

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4 replies

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Hi, welcome to the community.

Would it be possible to wire the PLAYBAR to the cable and see how it goes? Also, mind adding a diagnostic number? Here's an article explaining how: How to Submit Diagnostic
Hi Max here you go hope this helps
6918746 thank you
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Hi Max here you go hope this helps
6918746 thank you

Hi AntRoberts,

There's quite a bit of interference on the 5 ghz signal. This is preventing your surround speakers from communicating properly with your PLAYBAR. Please check around your surround setup for any third party wireless devices nearby. Common sources of interference include cordless phones, wireless cameras, wireless baby monitors, and wireless printers.Try moving any such device away from your Sonos surround setup, or power them off temporarily and see if things improve.
Ok I'll try thanks again Max