Subwoofer not integrating

  • 16 April 2019
  • 5 replies

I just got a wireless sub and set it up using the controller. I am unable to connect it to work 3 wireless sonos one speakers which are all grouped. This is my last resort before returning it. Please help?

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5 replies

I'm not sure i understand what you're saying.

When you set up a SUB, you "bond" it to a single speaker/room. Then, if you want it to be in use, you group the room that it is in with any other room you so desire, and they'd all play in sync, including the SUB.
I have 3 existing Sonos One speakers configured to play in stereo. I want to add my new sub to it. I don’t know how to group as I cannot find the option 😞
Again, that doesn't make any sense. You can't have 3 Sonos Ones playing in stereo. You can have two Sonos Ones in one room as a stereo pair, and the third as another room, playing in mono.

Just add the SUB to the room that has the stereo pair in it.
Oi- I was being a dumb_ss. I got it working “by grouping it” . I was looking for this option under settings and did not realize it was a separate option on the bottom menu. Thanks for fast response!
Heh. No baseball game on tonight, so I've got spare time. Glad you got it figured out.