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  • 20 September 2016
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I have just had an invoice from Apple charging me £23.49 for a monthly music membership. It's says this was purchased from 'sono's iPhone', I have been using sonos for a few months now and this is the first charge I have received. Anyone else been charged?

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8 replies

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Sounds like some nasty phising if you ask me, Sonos has no subscription at all, Apple Music does but it's not that expensive. I'd be very cautious of that and not pay it. And i've never heard of a "sono's iPhone".
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Very dodgy as Elly says.

Ignore it.
I had Apple Music on trial about a year ago but have not subscribed again since. I use Spotify and Amazon Prime.
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When you set up the Apple trial don't you have to UNSUBSCRIBE?

That's how I remember it. I'd go check in your Apple account - Don't click the link in the mail you were sent. But make sure you are not still subscribed.

I guess you could check if you still have access or not.
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looks like a scam. as said, go to your apple account via itunes or google 'manage my apple account', do not click the link in the email.
I definitely unsubscribed plus as someone else said it would not cost as much as that

Why would APPLE send you an invoice when they already had your credit card information? I tried Apple Music briefly and had no difficulty closing my account. I would report this fraud to Apple. As an opening salvo Apple can go after these people for misuse of trademarks.

I receive stuff like this almost daily. My attitude is: "If I don't expect the invoice, don't expect the payment." I know what I've ordered.

I should be very rich by now with all of the lotteries I've won and the payments that I could have smuggled out of Nigeria, plus all of the "deliveries" that are waiting for me. But, I'm too dumb or inept to reply to these things. In the case of an unexpected "delivery", don't open those things because they are a Trojan of some sort.
I have just had the same thing (for the same costs), and followed the unsubscription (typing in false passwords) until it sent me into a google search looking for things I really don't want to find. I would say IGNORE the email, and if you feel unsure, just keep an eye on your bank account. I am about to see if I can get in touch with Apple Inc.

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