Sub not working / no sound

  • 16 April 2019
  • 4 replies

Hi, my sub has no sound. I have tried re-setting, connect it via Ethernet to my router, but still no sound. Please help.
Thank you.

4 replies

So, not much information here, let's go into the controller app, and select ...More, and then Settings, then Room Settings, and tell us what it say for the room that has your SUB attached. For instance, mine says LR TV (+Sub+LS+RS). What does yours say? Yours might be different, if you have your SUB bonded to another speaker, but there should be some information there.

What are you playing when you're trying to get the SUB to play sound?
Thanks Bruce. Will do that tonight when I am home :)
I have also checked on the app to ensure that the Sub is turned ON under Room Settings.
Good thinking. :)

I'm in the US, so when you get home, I may be asleep, but there's a lot of other folks around this forum who may be able to jump in and help. Just need to give as much information as possible, so that we can build a mental image of your system, so that we can come up with potential solutions. The more data, the better.
Ok got it! 🙂