SUB no sound, tried to reconnect with latest App but won't re-connect

  • 29 June 2020
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Found my SUB was not working, no sound.   This happened about the time the Sonos Android App was updated.  I am using Android Sonos App ver 12.0.1.  I attempt to reconnect the SUB to my playbar, but will not play sound during setup.  I continue through configuring the SUB, app thinks the SUB is configured, still no sound from the SUB.

SUB status light blinking white.  SUB configured wifi connect.  I should try connecting to my router?

3 replies

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HI @C_Ryan.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thank you for sharing your experience here with your Sonos Sub.

Thank you for going through the basic troubleshooting steps, I would like to recommend going though EQ adjustment with in the Sonos app by following this link.

I would also like to ask to be sure if there is no audio from the sub to place your hand at the center of the Sub and touch the speaker it self if it does vibrate while you have either music or TV audio feedback. If it does not vibrate, our next and final step is to Reset the Sonos Sub and here’s the link on how to.

If after both guide provided and still no audio from the Sub, I would recommend reaching out to our  customer service phone support for some more in-depth troubleshooting steps or a possible replacement. They are open Mondays through Fridays from 10:00 AM to 10:00PM EST. 

Please let me know if you still need further assistance.


After the upgrade to S2 my SUB would not reconnect to my PlayBar or Connect Amp.   After perfoming a factory reset the sub would connect Linked by Ethernet cable to the connect amp.  Sub will not produce sound.  Since unable to downgrade SUB to S1, after upgrading to S2 we will never know if it is an S2 problem.  Disappointed with product, back to my Bose system.

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Hi @C_Ryan.

Thank you for the feedback.

I have checked our system and it seems you have already contacted our customer support team and the Sub was infact deemed to be non functional and was processed for replacement.

I hope everything is all set now.

Please let us know if any additional help is needed. We are always ready to help.