Sub connects with Playbar but no sound; however connects & works with other speakers

  • 26 October 2021
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My sub will connect to the Playbar and everything seems fine except literally no sound is coming out. Yes, I have toggled the sub on/off button in the app!  However the Sub works if I connect it to speakers elsewhere in the house.  Move the Sub back to the Playbar and it’s silent again. 

Unplugged the Sub and Playbar many times hoping that would reset it somehow. No luck!

All software is updated. 

Regardless of configuration, the Sub shows up in “About My System” without any red flags I can see. 


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3 replies

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On this one, I suspect the best solution is to generate a Diagnostics and then contact Sonos support. 

For anyone who finds this thread in the future….

I followed the advice of nik9669a and actually called Sonos. The problem is that my Playbar had Wi-Fi Disabled according to the Sonos app. How did that happen?!?  So I simply Enabled the Wi-Fi using the S2 app, and instantly the sub began working. 


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Sorted! Now enjoy…