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  • 29 November 2016
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I am aware of discussions regarding this but as a newbie I am still slightly confused.
I have a Play:1 which I plan to carry from room to room and have setup the sonos with a room ( Portable) with just that one speaker. It is expected that this will always be playing BBC Radio 4. Having said this I don't want to be streaming and using up data when the speaker is not in use. I do not want to have to use the controller software unless I have to. So my questions are
1. How to I ensure that streaming is off with no data used? Press Pause? Turn Speaker power off?
2. Will the 'pause' button on the speaker achieve this.
3. If the answer to Q2 is Yes, what happens when I press it again to restart streaming - where will it start from a) the paused point or b) Now.
4. If the answer to 3 is 'The paused point' then how can I force it to stream from 'Now'?

Thanks for being tolerant!!


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3 replies

If you press play/pause the radio stream will stop. Press it again and it will resume with whatever's being currently broadcast. (In the case of R4 via the internet the audio's about 30 seconds later than the traditional FM station owing to buffering at the Beeb and in Sonos.)

Note that if you power the PLAY:1 off it will lose its current source. Either you'll need to manually select it again using a controller, or you can use an alarm to cue it up automatically.
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Yes like Ratty says - for live broadcasts thinking of it as a pause button on speaker is really incorrect. It is essentially a turn on stream / turn off stream button. It doesn't "pause" anything. The live broadcast goes on. When you "unpause" you are going back to listening to the current stream (missing all that happened from when you turned off originally). It always plays from the "now" on live internet radio.

No data is being used when "paused" stopped.
Thank you both - that is now clear. Greta isn't it?