streaming quality: SONOS vs iphone

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Hi. I'm fairly new to streaming (and this forum), using it mainly secondary to CD and vinyl for testing new music, background sound, etc. I have no real experience w/ SONOS. Currently, I stream mainly off my iphone using an id100 (docking device from Cambridge Audio) which bypasses the iphone DAC and transports the digital info via coax through a DAC (Rega) into my amp. Question is, how would this approach compare to using a SONOS setup (ie SONOS Bridge & Connect I assume) in terms of stream quality? In other words, does the SONOS approach, working through my internet router, improve streaming efficiency / quality...or is that really defined by the streaming service used (MOG in my case)?

Considering getting SONOS, and trying to understand if rationale goes beyond functionality and affects quality.

many thanks

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The use of a network won't make any difference to the quality, if you take the coaxial (or optical) output from the Sonos Connect into the Rega DAC you probably wouldn't notice much, if any difference.

As you suggest, the quality of the streaming service will make more difference.
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makes sense, thanks


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