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  • 7 July 2018
  • 8 replies

My system was working fine until it was updated the other day. Now it plays for awhile and then suddenly stops playing. Please help.

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8 replies

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Hi there, tgowan. Typically, problems like audio drops and interruptions are indicative of problems with wireless interference or latency on the network. Do you happen to have any Sonos devices plugged into the network via Ethernet cable? Sometimes, things like this can be resolved with a quick router and Sonos reboot. Have you given that a shot yet?

Feel free to submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number it gives at the end. I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
Thanks. Here is the diagnostic confirm 66482211. For some reason Pandora is also no longer working. I go through the reauthorization process and it all looks good on the Pandora end but the Sonos app indicates that there is another Pandora currently running on my Sonos. However, I only have one Pandora account and it's the one the Sonos app says is currently running.
I figured out the Pandora account issue. However, Sonos is continuing to stop playing and I haven't received a response from Sonos to my above diagnostic report. This is very frustrating. I note in many threads Sonos likes to blame the home wifi environment but my system was working just fine until Sonos sent out the upgrade for the App. Make me want to toss Sonos. I'm still waiting for a response from Sonos. ?
We bought Sonos 5 4 days ago. The first day was great but the last 2 days has been very frustrating. Ends of songs cut off, stops playing and can’t connect. The speaker is is a room with WiFi extender with stable signal and still close to the router in the other room. If this keeps up, it’s back in the box to get returned. I just want to play music!!
If you're looking for an immediate response on a weekend, can I recommend the 24/7 twitter group? The folks who monitor these boards tend to be M-F folks, even those from other continents than the US.

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tgowan: Based on the diagnostic report you submitted, I am seeing that Sonos is unable to connect to the Amazon Music server. Additionally, I am seeing a number of UPnP commands not going through. Is your Sonos plugged into the extender or the main routing unit? If it is plugged into the wireless extender, please ensure it is in a Bridge mode.

That being said if you are still having a bit of trouble, it might best for you to give our support technicians a call to troubleshoot this in real time with a technician.