Still with the iPhone problem

  • 15 December 2018
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Our client is still suffering with track stopping or skipping when he plays them from his iPhone. We reported this issue a few months back and were told they are working on a fix. We have removed any other components that had AirPlay, we know the wireless coverage is good and the network stable (ubiquiti switches & APs). Two updates later as he is still experiencing the same issue.
The annoying thing is that not only is the client holding on to our last payment until it is resolved, I get sent a string of texts every time he uses it and it fails.
We have submitted another diagnostic report on 14/12/18 #1126726218. Is there anything we can do to the network that would improve the situation? Like tie his phone to a static address or activate / deactivate any of the services on the network? We would really like to put this to bed before the end of the year if possible.


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7 replies

The issue still isn't solved. You could, for instance, set up a music share for your client on a NAS drive.
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Thanks for the quick response. I did mention this to the client, especially as he had a synology rack station installed (which is now gone). But his answer was, "no I it to work from my phone and not some work around".

Going to add a speedy resolution to my Christmas wish list and hope the new year will start on a good note.

Sigh. Why do people invest in Sonos when Bluetooth speakers actually better meet their needs?
P.S. Why does your client not use Airplay to stream to Sonos? Assuming they own compatible speakers.
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Thanks for the messages Smilja. The client wanted Sonos on the recommendation of his project manager and daughter. Plus this is a large house with some 12 zones and with most of those already had in wall / in ceiling speakers or so a simple Bluetooth speaker wouldn´t of cut it.

I will try your suggestion with using AirPlay, however a couple of the zones (one he uses a lot) use a Connect which I don´t think are compatible. Or I am right in thinking as long as he starts playing it in a zone that is compatible (one that is powered by an Amp) then is will play on the Connect.
If that is the case and it works well this may be a solution for the time being.

Thanks again for your help.

Once the signal is received by a AirPlay 2 capable Sonos device, it can be "grouped" with any other Sonos device.
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Thanks. I will give it a go..