Still having problem with Sonos amp stopping when using TuneIn during commercials

  • 11 June 2022
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Like the title says, over a year later I am still having a problem with my Sonos amp stopping the audio during commercials when listening to TuneIn. The amp will show that audio has stopped and I have to restart the stream. This will happen every couple of hours through the day. It only happens when the audio trys to return from the commercials.

If there is a Sonos support person, the diagnostic report is 475660968

  • All of my Sonos hardware is hardwired and plugged into a switch
  • Sonos Radio stations will play all day perfectly.
  • There is no problem with any of my network cables
  • All wireless is turned off as I will only ever use this product hardwired.
  • Phone control is through strong wifi in my house, but that is really irrelevant since once the amp starts playing the audio the phone has no relation anymore
  • I have two Sonos ports as well that will NEVER drop the audio stream. When they are grouped and the audio drops on the amp, they will automatically ungroup in the background.

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9 replies

You don’t actually ‘listen to TuneIn’. TuneIn is a directory service which (after a possible pre-roll ad) connects the Sonos player to the station’s servers. If there are mid-stream ads they’re presumably coming from the station. Does this happen on all stations? 

What I meant, was that I’m using the TuneIn music service through Sonos.

It happens on random stations. At least 3 TuneIn stations from what I’ve found. There are multiple topics on here hinting at the same problem but there is never any resolution.

It is only after a commercial finishes that the Amp stops the station. Not every time, and not specifically to one ad. Twice in an hour today. Can be many hours apart some days. I have noticed that the Amp light will sometimes flash on and off for a little while like it has been rebooted when this happens. Can’t say it is everytime, as it is difficult to get back to the Amp in time to see it.


A flashing LED suggests the Amp is reconnecting to the network. As the stream would therefore stop and restart you could well be hearing the pre-roll ads all over again. 

Given that the root cause is the Amp’s network connection you could begin here:


I appreciate your response but, respectfully, I do not think this is the right path.

The amp stops during random commercial breaks and does not come back on, nor play the ads again. The amp will remain stopped and the only way to resume is to go back and re-group or start the station again.

The amp is wired into a switch 1 foot away from it. Different patch cables and switch ports have been tried and do not correct the issue.

The link you posted is for wifi issues which are not part of the situation. The amp is hardwired and is sometimes even started by my wired desktop.

It is not an overall network issue because while the amp stops, the 2 Sonos ports will continue to play on for eternity. As well, I can play Sonos Radio stations all day without a glitch. The problem must be with the TuneIn integration & Amp, unless there is something physically wrong with the amp.

If anyone else has any experience with an issue like this I would appreciate hearing if you found a solution.

Thank you.



Apologies. I should have noted that the Amp was wired.

Nevertheless a flashing LED indicates that something fundamental is not right, and I suspect the TuneIn misbehaviour is just a symptom thereof. It does sound like the Amp is rebooting or the network connection is bouncing. 

As a matter of interest what network switch is the Amp wired to? And is it the same switch as connects the Ports?

Sonos Support can obviously comment after studying the diagnostic. There may be tracks in the logs. 

No problem. 

The switch is an HP ProCurve 1400-24G

The 2 Sonos Ports connect to the same switch. I have my network fairly clean. One switch only, in the rack with everything wired directly in.

Hopefully someone from Sonos can take a look. The support chat was closed and they no longer have an option to leave a message.

Thank you,



Possibly a redundant question, but have you tried swapping the Amp connection to a switch port currently used by a Port? And also tried a different cable to the Amp? 

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Hi @mdw79 

Thanks for your post!

The Amp had rebooted 2 minutes prior to the diagnostic being sent, which means the logs are empty and I cannot tell what happened. This means it was a hard reboot, however, rather than one initiated by software due to a network change, as the logs would not cleared if that had happened.

Therefore, it seems there are 3 possibilities:

  1. There is a problem with the power cord - please make sure it is firmly seated in the Amp (although it doesn’t look it, it is removable). Try moving the cord a bit - if you can induce a flashing white light, then the cord must have a break, or the connection isn’t sound.
  2. There is a problem with the power supply - If the Amp is currently on a power extension, please plug it directly to a wall socket. Otherwise, please try the Amp in a different location, ideally on a different circuit. If you don’t want to move your speakers, disconnect them and just group the Ports to the Amp (with the Amp selected) while it’s silently playing - if the Amp reboots the Ports will go silent, but they will take about ~30 seconds to stop due to the buffering.
  3. There is a problem with the Amp. The Amp has rebooted a considerable amount of times since it was last reset in late October, but not enough to count for an event every two hours. So, if you can submit a diagnostic after it stops playing, but without it having rebooted (no flashing light), we should be able to learn more about what is happening. Please also make sure it has ventilation - don’t put anything on top of it.

Hopefully, these steps will either fix the problem, or at least we’ll learn something with which we can progress.


I have the same problem with pandora