Still having issues with TV audio when Play One grouped with Playbar

  • 2 August 2019
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I have a set up with a Playbar connected to my TV. I also group some Play Ones with that Playbar to allow my TV audio to easily be heard in my kitchen without having to turn the Playbar up significantly. I continue to run into issues where the TV audio will cut out in the grouped speakers. It has gotten so bad my wife is ready to take my entire system and throw it out and replace it. I have never experienced this issue when listening to music only when watching TV and about 60-70% of our use of our Sonos system is for TV audio.

I have the system on its own wireless network (I don't have a boost but I have the version before it). I have moved the location of that item to be in my living room so it is no longer in my basement with all of my other network equipment.

Please help me understand the issue.

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5 replies

The predecessor of the Boost was the Bridge. It has an earlier, inferior, version of SonosNet wireless tech, and its plug-top power supply has a propensity for losing output voltage as it ages, precipitating various connectivity problems.

You say you've moved the Bridge to the Living Room. Can you not wire the Playbar instead and eliminate the Bridge? Have you tried changing the SonosNet wireless channel?

Where is the router located? Have you tried running the system on the router's WiFi, in so-called "wireless" mode without any wired Sonos components at all?

Have you ever submitted a system diagnostic after one of these dropout events and had Sonos Support take a look at what's going on?
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Hello Ratty,

I originally had the Playbar connected via a hardwired but I was still getting the issues. I have tried changing the wireless channel in the past, but it did not help.

The router is in my basement. It is an Eero router so I only have one input connection in it, which is connected to an 8 port ethernet switch.

I have submitted diagnostics in the past. I will run another one when I get home (as I assume the issue will still be happening).
If it's an Eero mesh then I'd advise not trying to switch the system to WiFi/"wireless" mode.

Submitted diagnostics don't get looked at unless the confirmation number is communicated to Sonos directly in a follow-up communication of some kind. You can post the number here if you like.
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I was able to run a diagnostic when I was having the issue. It is 1069129151.

Hopefully that helps identify the problem.
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I was able to run a diagnostic when I was having the issue. It is 1069129151.

Hopefully that helps identify the problem.

Hi there,

Thanks for sending in the report. Streaming the TV audio to non-home theater components in a Sonos system uses a good deal of bandwidth. In your area it looks like there's a significant amount of wireless interference. It may help to follow the steps found here to reduce interference. If you're still having issues after going through those steps, send along a new diagnostic report and reply here with the number.