stereo with two different sonos speakers

  • 9 December 2016
  • 2 replies

I have a sonos system with a play 5 speaker (1st generation)., which I have had for three years. I purchased a play 1 speaker yesterday so that I could set up the two speakers to provide stereo sound. When I tried to set them up using the setup link on the website, it said that I could only set up for stereo with two play 1 speakers. I find it hard to believe that stereo is not possible with a play1 and a play 5.

A FAQ says that for stereo you must have two of the same speakers of the same generation. I find it hare to believe that people clever enough to produce this great system can't think of a way to match dissimilar speakers in a stereo setup.

Can someone please tell me if this can be done and, if not, what I can do short of returning the play 1 and living with the mono sound. I really like the system and feel that there must be some way to match the two different speakers for stereo sound. I assume that 1st generation play 5s are no longer available?

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2 replies

The reason it's not possible is that it would sound terrible and be bonkers.
Stereo pairs require two like models because the acoustical characteristics must match or the audio quality is compromised. If you are heart set on a stereo pair of Gen 1 Play:5s, I would check e-bay.