Stereo Pair Drops when using audio services

  • 10 November 2021
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Hi have tried to get help with this in a previous post “Move Stereo Pair Drops Speaker”. 


When playing my stereo pair of move speakers using Spotify, it drops one of the speakers. Only solution is to reset the system and play exclusively from within the Sonos app, which has limited functionatlity. 


Support seems lacking. 


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3 replies

Hi @Malc rees,


This is primarily a community-led platform where users like you provide assistance and advice to others. If you’re looking for specific technical support and aren’t receiving the answers here, I suggest getting in touch with our customer care team via phone or live chat.

 Support does not work either

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Thanks for bringing that to our attention! I’ve made our web team aware of this. In the meantime you can change the country dropdown to Germany (or United Kingdom if you prefer) which will present the livechat option for you.