Started getting drop outs and cut outs

  • 20 December 2016
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I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this.

Recently - within the last three months - I've started. To get quite specific errors on my Sonos. The typical pattern is this: start playing a zone, and it will play fine for maybe 8 minutes or so. Then it will drop out for perhaps 5-30 seconds, then start again. Over the nest 10 minutes the drop outs will increase in frequency but drop in duration until the stream becomes on/off/on/off. Stop the stream, wait ten seconds, restart it and it will play happily and without interruption for hours.

The problem doesn't appear to be source-specific. It manifests with Tunein radio, Spotify and music from the NAS. Nor does it matter whether the zones are started from a controller/idevice or by an alarm set on Sonos. And like all the best IT problems, sometimes it never appears, sometimes it does, and replicating the conditions that cause it to appear has proved not possible.

I can provide a lot more information about my specific system, but for starters: 12 zones over three floors; half wired (Cat6; Apple TV streams fine over these connections) and half wireless; problem is not solved by powering everything down and restarting, wired first (done that with everything in the house twice in the last month); all the Sonos devices have fixed LAN IP addresses; can't see any IP address conflicts or duplicates on my router.


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2 replies

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Hi Greg, sorry for the delay. We missed this one somehow. If you're still having trouble, the first thing I'd suggest is changing the wireless channel on your system. The wireless players are all on channel 6 and I see a lot of wireless on channel 11, which may be bleeding down to 6 if any of those devices have extended broadcast channel.

Let us know how it goes, and if you're still having trouble please feel free to send us a new diagnostic.