Spotify won't play on Sonos

  • 4 March 2017
  • 6 replies

I have successfully used Spotify on my phone so just bought Sonos Play 3 but it won't play

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6 replies

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You should be able to add the service to your controller and enter in the necessary log-in credentials and have it work for you.

What happens when you try to add the service to the Sonos Controller app?

I will also point out, just in case, that Spotify requires you to have a Premium Spotify account before they will allow the Sonos products to connect to Spotify audio
Thanks for explaining about Spotify, having used it free on my phone I assumed it would stay free on Sonos. Is there a music service which is free to use on Sonos?
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Aside from the obvious inclusion of Radio by TuneIn in the controller app, not that I know of, but others may know of services that I am not aware of. Certainly not of the scope that Spotify provides I don't think.. but others may chime in here with their favourites, or you may want to search the forum and see if anyone mentions any elsewhere.
OK. Thank you for your help. I'm going to return my Sonos to the shop and choose a system which doesn't need a subscription.
Pandora doesn't require a paid subscription. Please post back if you find a networked music player that will play the "free" spotify. I'm familiar with lots of systems, but none that will play the free Spotify service.
I play free Spotify through my sonos system by
Going into the spotify app and choosing available devices, your sonos speakers will show up. This doesnt work on my samsung though