Spotify volume issue

I start Spotify and click on a song, then I go to Sonos app on my iPhone to regulate the volume but it instantly and automatically turn the volume up to max, even when I try to manually lower the volume the app automatically turns it up to max again and again, so I eventually have to turn off my phone. What to do?

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Are you running the latest version of the app, i.e. 7.3? (and is it fixed in that version? I'll need to go back and look at release notes).

Sonos and Spotify apps are fighting over control of your volume control buttons. If you go in to the Sonos app, and turn off Lock Screen Controls (and maybe Hardware Volume Control) while you're there, it should resolve the issue. Sonos has said in the last several weeks that they're working with Spotify to come up with a better long term solution to the issue.
Kind of a sad workaround, but it seems to work. The two settings are found in the main iOS system Settings app: Settings > Sonos scroll down to App Settings and disable both options. Thanks @Airgetlam


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