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This problem has been happening intermittently, but more frequently lately.  I get an error message in Sonos that says unable to connect to Spotify.  Playing Spotify outside of Sonos works fine and Amazon plays on Spotify without problem.   I have reset my Spotify credentials and reauthorized the service.  I also reset the channel on my router.  Please take a look at diagnostics: 732555930 and let me know what the issue is.  




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Hello @VanDeusen,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your diagnostic report.

When you are playing music, are your players always grouped together so that you are playing from your stereo-paired Play:3  with your One and your Move?

Can you break apart the “group” and play to the Sonos One by itself? 

Can you add your Living Room and your Patio players to the Kitchen as it is playing and see if anything changes?

Have you rebooted your router since you began experiencing this playback issue? If you have not, please unplug your router from power for at least one minute and then plug it back in. 

Please do the same with your Sonos products and then continue testing playback.  

Hi Jean,

Thanks for your help.

If I break apart the group, the patio always works, the kitchen and living room will work if I start playing on the patio and then add the others to the patio.   If I then break apart and try and either the living room or kitchen individually I get the “Unable to Play...Connection to Spotify was Lost” error.  

I submitted another diagnostics from this testing session:  1764330953


Thanks again,


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Hello @VanDeusen,

Thank you for your response and for the additional testing.

That’s interesting. How far away from your Kitchen and Living Room speakers from your main router?

Can you provide the model number of this router and that of any access points or extenders that you may be using in your network?

You may benefit from changing your router's channel to 1 from 11 on the 2.4ghz band, as neighboring networks could be interfering on channels 11 and 6. 

If you wire your Kitchen speaker directly to your main router does this error reoccur?