Spotify "Unable to Browse Music"

  • 22 February 2018
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My setup was working fine for years and suddenly is "Unable to Browse Music" via Spotify. This is happening on both the desktop app (MacOS) and on my iPhone. I recently set up an Alexa dot, which was also working fine, but that's the only change I've made recently.

I've restarted everything, reauthorized Spotify (multiple times) and deactivated the Alexa Sonos skill (in case some conflict there was causing the issue), but nothing works. I'm just getting the spinning wheel, followed by "Unable to Browse Music." This is only happening with Spotify. My other services are all still working fine, and the system is still playing music from my computer with no problem. I just ran a diagnostic, number 289788296.

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30 replies


Same problem here. Just guessing that it’s a holiday thing with less staff, etc.

I currently experience the same problem. Yesterday it worked. Today when I came home, Sonos app is showing that I can’t browse Spotify. Also when trying to reconnect it shows a network error in the Sonos app. This happens with two different iOS phones.

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Hey guys, this is an outdated thread relating to an issue with Spotify. The cause of the problems you are encountering today is likely a result of a system-wide outage we are experiencing at the moment. There’s a community announcement here. Please check there for any updates relating to the outage. Many thanks. 

I think this is the same issue as I was having. After I installed the Google home app on my iPhone along with a Google speaker, I could no longer connect to Sonos from Spotify on my iPhone. I just deleted the Google home app on my iPhone and did a hard reset. All is well again.

There’s an issue with Spotify right now, see the thread in the “Announcement” area of the forum.