Spotify playback became unreliable; random stops while playing

Have been using Spotify on Sonos for about a year without a single issue. About a month ago I started experiencing weird issues - can't press play on a song while Sonos room is selected as playback device, or song could cut out while playing after a while or at track switchover.

Setup: Playbar + two Play:1 in one group, Playbar wired into the core switch, uses reserved DHCP IP with Google DNS.

1. Continuous playback from Spotify in progress. Works fine for a few minutes/hours. Suddenly stops in the middle of a song. I open Spotify Desktop, with the same Sonos group/room selected, press Play. Song skips to the end, switches to the next song, and stalls. No sound. Press Play again - same thing, skips to the next song and stalls.
Fix: Open Sonos app on my iPhone and do not press a thing - then go back to Spotify Desktop, press Play, and we are off to the races. It will continue to work fine for the next few hours.

2. When this happens while Sonos Desktop controller (or Sonos iPhone app) is open, pressing Play in Spotify Desktop causes the song to skip to the next one, and Sonos controller (and/or app) flashes an error message, something along the lines of song not found.

- Rebooting everything, including Sonos Playbar
- Reauthorized my Spotify music service account in Sonos Desktop controller
- Completely removed my Spotify account, removed authorization from Spotify, then added from scratch
- All apps/controllers are up to date
- Switched from local router DNS to Google DNS

I am at my wits end, please help. This has been working PHENOMENALLY for a year. I listen to Spotify while driving, or walking the dog, as soon as I open my front door Sonos picks up the same song from the same spot, creating an immersive, continuous experience. Magic. It must be fixed. 🙂

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Also experiencing this same issue. Update please!
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Also experiencing this same issue. Update please!

Hi there,

Please submit a diagnostic report after you hear the audio stop, then reply with the confirmation number and I'll take a look for you.


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