Spotify hiccups on Play:5 Gen1


Since a few months Spotify stops playback for a few seconds almost everytime i start a new song.

I have a play 5 gen1.

It also interupts when I connect the play 5 with an ethernet cable.

Spotify plays perfectly just on my phone speaker.

There are no problems with radio playback via Tunein.

I also recently swapped my router and updated the sonos app.

I've done the diagnostics: 1055125413


Help please and thanks!





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Hello @Boncholio,

Welcome to the Sonos Community and thank you for reaching out with your diagnostic confirmation number. 

We apologize for the delay in responding to your case as we have been experiencing an unusually high volume of support requests. 

Are you still having issues with audio playback from Spotify?

Have you rebooted your router and any network switches or access points since this issue began?

Please feel free to reach out with more information so that we can assist you further.  



Yes I have rebooted my modem. (vdsl2 Proximus B-box3 v+) 

My play 5 is directly connected with an ethernet cable.

I also have no interuptions on my vdsl line. (Checked with isp)

It seems the problem is Spotify in combination with Sonos.


Recent diagnotic: 1931085873

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Thank you, @Boncholio, for the new diagnostic report. 

I am seeing some error messaging in your diagnostic but is much more mild and infrequent than I would expect for what you are describing.

Do you have an y Queue settings enabled like “Crossfade” or “Shuffle”? Disabling these features can sometimes resolve these issues, especially if the audio is stopping at the beginning of a song. 

We have been aware of Spotify playback issues occurring in very specific Sonos System configurations but this issue should have been resolved with our most recent update. 

Have you run a Speedtest  from a non-cell assisted device on your network (that is a computer or tablet without mobile capabilities) to verify that your internet connection isn’t at the root of this playback issue?

Spotify tends to run a higher quality audio stream than radio services and requires more bandwidth for playback stability. 

Does this audio stop happen at the beginning of every track or just when you start playback or manually select a track through the app?

Are you starting Spotify through the Sonos app or selecting your Sonos speaker from the device list in Spotify?  



Speedtest: 30mbit over wifi while also listening to spotify on sonos.

The interuptions are mostly in the beginning of songs.(not always) Sometimes in the midle of a playlist.

I open the sonos app to play spotify.

Shuffle is on most of the time. (Ï'll turn it of for testing)

Crossfade is on in spotify app (never used it in sonos app) I turned it off for testing and still have interuptions while typing this.


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Hi @Boncholio,

Thank you for the additional testing, can you submit a follow-up diagnostic report from this testing session?



Sometimes it also interupts when i unlock my phone. My wife also noticed this with her phone.... both android.


Still issues with crossfade and shuffle off. I also reinstalled sonos app and reassigned my spotify account. I'm getting tired of this.

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Hello @Boncholio,

I can definitely appreciate that, are you using Spotify app to start playback to Sonos?

Does the music playback behave any differently when you start Spotify from the Sonos app?

Can you provide us with an updated system diagnostic? This additional report will help us understand the source of this issue, if your wife could submit one from her phone also it would be most helpful.


I'm using the Sonos app for spotify playback. I'll use the Spotify app from now on... 

Another diagnostic from my samsung a50: 1055922009


2nd song I listen in the Spotify app stops playing for about 5 seconds in the midle of the song. It seems it doesnt pause but mutes the song for a while.

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Hello @Boncholio 

I do see that this is a specific issue that we are now tracking and working on a resolution for. 

Just to clarify, the speed test that you ran was 30 mbps?

I can see that you have a support ticket in our system, I can escalate this to our engineering department. 

They wont be resolve this issue with you personally but using your system information to help fix it for everybody.    


Busy life lately but the Sonos problem still remains. 

Yes i have contacted the helpdesk by phone and yes please give my data to the engineers. If they need other data please ask.


More and more interuptions... Also when directly connected to modem with utp cable. My internet connection is fine.

Ffs Sonos this is getting rediculous, cant you get this fixed?????

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Hi @Boncholio.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community.

Since it’s been more than 3 months for the last diagnostic report.

Can you submit another one just to see if theirs some changes in the system for the past few months?

If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.