Spotify dropping out and skipping songs

  • 14 August 2017
  • 2 replies

Diagnostic report: 7714783

This happens very regularly. Often times guests want to use their own phone + spotify app to play their songs. Within the Spotify app, the Sonos device shows up, though has lots of issues.

All of the below issues happen often times together:
- Music stops playing but song timer keeps running in Spotify
- Music plays for 5 seconds then turns off
- Songs skip after ~20 seconds in

It's all acting very strange and is becoming increasingly frustrating. Seems to be a prominent issue through the forums, but i'm yet to find a consise answer other than "Wi-Fi Interference". My device is 1.5 meters away from a enterprise grade access point and no other devices are having Wi-Fi issues.

I believe the problem to be with conflicting devices connected to the system at one time, though I'm not sure.

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2 replies

Could I please have someone take a look at this report? I've run through diagnostics but to no avail. I've been without a good sound system for over a week now and it isn't great with family around.
Hi sanur, just had a look at the diagnostic. The player is struggling to stay connected to the Ubiquiti wifi. Any chance you can get into the settings on that access point and change the wifi channel for 2.4Ghz to 6?

There's also a new update available. Would you mind installing it and then testing out Spotify once again? Send over another diagnostic after performing these steps and we'll have another look. Thanks.

From the Sonos App on Your Phone or Tablet, Choose

Settings > Online Updates > Let's Do This