spotify direct: playtracking and facebook?

  • 18 December 2016
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when using the recent spotify direct solution, meaning when using spotify OR sonos app to output to and control Sonos speakers I notice there are still a few things not being tracked and/or output in Spotify:
1) my plays don't get fed to Facebook for activity feed
2) my spotify profile does not reflect or track listening this way

So the questions:
1) does Spotify track plays made on Sonos? and if yes, why not display those similar to using the app without sonos?
2) Are the artists getting paid?
3) are spotify dynamic playlists affected by using sonos direct thru Spotify or thru the sonos app?
more... you get the point

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1 reply

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another way of stating part of this:

when using spotify connect with sonos, spotify app apparently does not recognize or track my activity.... even though I am using the spotify app. . .