Spotify Direct and erratic volume

  • 21 May 2017
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I love the Spotify Direct feature, but one gripe. When I use Spotify Direct to start playing a song to Sonos, and attempt to adjust my Sonos system volume via either the Spotify app or Sonos app, I frequently have issues with the volume of my Sonos speakers becoming erratic. It's like the two apps are competing and never come into agreement (that or iOS is causing some craziness). Sometimes the volume drops completely to zero, other times it goes dangerously loud. Has a mind of its own. I believe this problem disappears if I ensure I don't have both Spotify and Sonos apps running when using Spotify Direct. Not sure if this is a Spotify issue, Sonos issue, or iOS issue. It's quite annoying! Any recommendations?

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2 replies

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Hi Scott_59, welcome to the community. This is actually an issue we're aware of, and we're working together with Spotify to get a fix rolled out. It comes about due to the strange way the volume controls on iOS works behind the scenes, which makes it very difficult for apps to hook in to the hard button presses without receiving irrelevant commands from other apps as well. At the moment, the best way to avoid the problem is to disable the hardware volume commands for Sonos in the iOS settings for the Sonos app.
I'm also facing this issue. It was very scary and now I don't dare to stream music straight from Spotify . Haha