Spotify Connection Lost on Playbar Only (Works on other speakers on other rooms)

  • 21 December 2016
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Been dealing with this for about a week now. Frustrating issues with trying to play music from my Spotify account.

I have a Playbar and two Play 1s as surround in the living room + one CONNECT hooked up to a turntable. Also, One Play 5 in the bedroom. One Play 1 in the kitchen.

After we updated the Sonos app, Spotify would not connect/play any music on ANY of the speakers. We have a premium family account for two people. Spotify is authorized and connected to our Sonos account using same email.

I reset the modem/router (Arris DG1670A), uninstalled both Sonos and Spotify apps, and reset every speaker. Still nothing.

Then today I noticed that Spotify would NOW connect on the Play 1 in the kitchen and the Play 5 in the bedroom but NOT on the playbar setup in the living room.

I could however play Spotify in the other rooms and then group the speakers with those in the living room and that would work, but that's hardly a fix.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Extremely frustrating because every time I reset everything to test it's basically twenty minutes of my time down the drain and my primary reason for selecting/paying a premium for Sonos over a competitor was for ease & convenience. Not so.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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4 replies

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I'm curious if the connectivity is not getting good signals. Have you tried hooking one Sonos unit to your router to initiate sonosnet and see if all work at that time.
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Sonosnet is a big part of the ease and convenience you aren't utilizing.
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In the living room, the PLAYBAR and the CONNECT are both wired directly into the router via ethernet cable. The two surround PLAY 1s are not. The Play 1 in the kitchen and the Play 5 in the bedroom are also not connected to the router.

The fact that they are connected to the router and are the units still giving my grief is interesting, but the units work for all other music services including just playing the TV. Spotify is the only offender

One more thing - I have Sonos app set on Channel 6. And my wireless router set to Channel 11. I have tried every combination and does not make a difference.
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That is strange then you have it setup nice. I'm curious if your having any kind of loop with the two wired connections. Have you tried removing Connect from wired in case your router is having trouble with the two.