Spotify Connect Suddently Stopped Working

  • 2 December 2017
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Hi, since yesterday Spotify Connect won't work anymore on my Sonos Play:5. I can start Spotify normally via the Sonos app but I cannot start a song via Spotify Connect. It also doesn't show in the Spotify app when a song is playing on the Speaker. I attached a screenshot of the app (Living Room is the Play:5) and it won't show the 3 dots next to the name like it used to. Clicking on Living Room just won't do anything, no "Connecting" or anything, just like if I had nothing pressed.
I tried to remove Spotify from the services in the Sonos app and readding it, but without success.

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31 replies

Same here! Needs to be fixed!!

Noticed there was a resent Spotify app update on iOS
Having a similar or the same problem here. Spotify works in my Sonos One with the Sonos app, but not with the Spotify app on my Android; Spotify Connect tries "Connecting..." for a few seconds and then gives up (and continues to play on my phone). Alexa keeps listening and understanding voice commands to play Spotify, announces she'll play what I requested, but then doesn't play anything.

Based on the number of posts in this community, this type of issue seems to happen often (or anyway way more often than it should!)—and seems to be typically related to Spotify app updates. But until you realize that, you waste a lot of time reading these forum threads and trying various potential solutions (resetting router, removing and re-adding the Sonos skill in Alexa, re-authorizing Spotify in the Alexa and Sonos apps, reinstalling the Alexa / Spotify / Sonos apps...).

Anything else I should try? Or should I just keep trying updates in the Spotify app?
Just fixed itself for me.

Sonos–Spotify integration (and for those of us who have it: Sonos–Spotify–Alexa integration) typically works well, at least in my experience as a new user, but I really hope we won't have to sort out puzzles like these every other app update...
This worked for me. I just asked Alexa to play a Song e.g. "Smoke on the water" from "Spotify". After that all worked as before and connect issues were gone. Sounds to easy to work. Please try and report.
I installed two Sonos One speakers and connected with Spotify, everything worked fine. Then day later I can only play music via Sonos app, I cannot anymore see Sonos speakers in Spotify devices list. Same issue with Android phone, iPad and Win PC. I have tried to uninstall & re-install both Sonos and Spotify apps, I have tried older Spotify in Android - nothing helps.