Spotify Connect Suddently Stopped Working

  • 2 December 2017
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Hi, since yesterday Spotify Connect won't work anymore on my Sonos Play:5. I can start Spotify normally via the Sonos app but I cannot start a song via Spotify Connect. It also doesn't show in the Spotify app when a song is playing on the Speaker. I attached a screenshot of the app (Living Room is the Play:5) and it won't show the 3 dots next to the name like it used to. Clicking on Living Room just won't do anything, no "Connecting" or anything, just like if I had nothing pressed.
I tried to remove Spotify from the services in the Sonos app and readding it, but without success.

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31 replies

Ditto !!!
I control my sonos connect via an android phone using spotify . I can see my device but nothing happens when I try and connect. it doesn't even try to connect . I can connect to other devices . I have tried everything .Very frustrating .....
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Here are also many people complaining, it's a problem on Sonos/Spotify side, not on ours...
Sonos, can you please work with Spotify to address this. Your most users are probably using this combination on Android phones. Please address without asking for more logs. I'm assuming you should have all the right devices in your dev lab to reproduce it and fix it. This is not a uninstall/install again type of fix. Please dig into it and fix it.
Hi all. Same problem for some days now... Please do something to resolve this...:@
I'm also having same issue. Come on Sonos and Spotify please sort this out
Same issue here on Android 8.0 exactly 5 days ago. Seems Android related issue because my GF's iPhone with Spotify Connect seems OK.
Not sure it comes from Android... My son did an update on my Sonos speakers some days ago. My feeling is that it's not working anymore since that moment...
Same here. I have the same problem both with the Android and iOS apps. From my desktop Spotify client it works as expected.
same here
Same issue again here. I can see the sonos amp through Spotify connect but it will not connect. Can we please have an update on this? Not acceptable.
i have same issue, i can't connect to my 2 play1, play3, playbar from 4 android device and 2 windows pc by spotify app. If i try to connect to PS4 it's all right. :(:(:(
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Hi guys, we're working with Spotify on an issue where they Spotify app on Android devices can't use Spotify Connect, to Sonos. It's not all systems running into this, but the cause has been identified and a resolution is under way. If you're having trouble just with your Android devices, please follow this thread for news.
Ryan, will this solution also resolve the issue of Sonos speakers stop playing after two or three songs, when being controlled through the Spotify app? On my iPhone, I can play music with the Sonos app using my Spotify account endlessly without issue. But if I start playing that music with the Spotify app and click on one of my Sonos speakers, it will disconnect from the speaker(s) after about two or three songs, usually about 10 seconds into that song, consistently. When this happens, if I go to the Sonos app, it tells me that it can't connect to my Spotify account.
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Hi surfandjet, that sort of issue is usually related to network trouble, so I wouldn't expect a specific update to fix it. It'd be best to give us a call on our support line and work with a technician to get this sorted out.
Thank you for your quick response. I can’t rule out a network issue. Here are the facts:
100% of the times I start playing music in the Spotify app on my phone, it plays endlessly. 100% of the time I play a Sonos speaker using only the Sonos app, it works perfectly and plays endlessly.
100% of the time I connect to any of my Sonos speakers using the Spotify app, it plays 2 songs all the way through, and pauses 10 seconds into the 3rd. When trying to restart, it plays right where it left off but on my phone, no longer connected to Sonos.
Given that Sonos and Spotify each work flawlessly on their own with my network, do you agree it’s reasonable to conclude that the fact they aren’t working together has to do with the applications, not my network?
Thank you,
Spotify has been updated this morning and now it works!
You’re right! Thanks for the heads up!!
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I'm still having this problem, especially with Sonos Ones. If I ask Alexa to play stuff on Spotify and then switch to the Spotify app on the PC it never shows as playing, or even shows the speakers are available.
Maybe you can try another way of using Spotify Connect. I never used it, maybe you can have a try!
Hello. I’ve started having this issue since yesterday’s iOS Spotify update.

Spotify app works fine playing music on iPhone

Sonos works fine from Sonos Controller, plays everything fine

But... Spotify app cannot connect to Sonos 5 speaker nor Playbar. It seems to try to connect but nothing happens.

The only thing that changed was I updated the Spotify app.
Same here
iOS doesn't work for me either. I restarted everything. It tries for a couple of seconds to connect and then nothing. Sonos app works fine with spotify.
Same here this just started happing now when I came back from work tried to play some tunes and nothing so disappointing!!! ?????
Spotify connect no longer working here. Reset router, checked for updates, reinstalled. Same issue from PC and Android.
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iOS doesn't work for me either. I restarted everything. It tries for a couple of seconds to connect and then nothing. Sonos app works fine with spotify.

Yes, mine too began exhibiting this just 3 hours ago ... SONOS can still access Spotify but just not vice versa .. reset everything, reinstalled everything ... checked wireless router. How frustrating!! Let's hope that were get an 'official response' and then a FIX.