Spotify Connect - lost connection and unable to reconnect

  • 10 January 2017
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Hi all, looking for a bit of help if possible please,

Spotify Connect has been working perfectly until tonight, when I have been having some general PC issues and had to reinstall a few programs, including the Spotify and Sonos controller. During this process I noted I received a message on my Spotify iOS app saying playback was paused as Spotify was being used from another source.
Anyway, I have reinstalled the desktop apps but now the following happens when using Spotify Connect to Sonos via iPhone:

-Play ‘Song A’ to from Spotify Connect to Sonos, song starts playing, ‘Living Room’ changes to ‘Devices Available’ on Spofity App after a few seconds but song continues to play

-Skip to next track – ‘Song B’ plays through phone speaker, but ‘Song A’ continues to play through Sonos

-Only way I can pause/stop ‘Song A’ is by going into Sonos App.

Any ideas? I have restarted router/Sonos system, and reinstalled Sonos and Spotify iOS apps.

Thanks, Greg

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8 replies

I'm having the exact same issue and it only started tonight. Was there a recent update for the sonos players/spotify? I've been going crazy thinking I had wifi issues.
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Hi Murray709,

I left it overnight and tried it a couple of hours ago this morning, and all seems to be fine now.

Looks like it was just coincidental with my other system issues!

I'd give it another try now and it should be fine.

This just began happening to me suddenly as well. Sonos works fine with other sources from any device. Spotify works fine on other devices. However, no sound when I play Spotify on Sonos through anything but my desktop.
I am also having same problem

I cant seem to play spotify anymore. Keeps on saying connection lost. I have done everything - unplugged router, removed spotify and reinstalled.

Sonos plays music from my computer library, spotify plays on my computer and my phone. It just wont play on sonos.
Same for me.Problem in connection between Sonos and Spotify ?
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Hi everyone,

If you're getting the error "connection to Spotify lost" please try rebooting each of your Sonos speakers by removing them from power for ten seconds. If any issues continue, please send a diagnostic report in and reply here with the confirmation number.
If this happens again to me returning to Best Buy. What a joke.
This was sold to me at Best Buy as a iron clad system. I got more to do then submit error reports and reboot stuff all the time. I simply tried using the alarm feature this AM playing Spotify and it didn't play and says connection lost to Spotify no matter what I do now. Returning it and going to Yamaha music cast which I have in Florida. . Thank god I only bought one sound bar to test it. I was going to buy 3 in total with a couple of other boxes. Work on your firmware !