Spotify and Pandora error messages

  • 3 October 2021
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I am an AV installer.  At a client’s house which is all S1 and which consists of five Connect Amps and one Playbar.  The fifth Connect Amp was just added to the previously existing four.  In order to get the system set up I had to reset all five units and the Playbar.  I then set it up using S1 and was able to get Tune-In Radio to play on all units as well as the turntable.  As a result of resetting everything, I had to add back in Spotify and Pandora for the client, which I did successfully.  The problem is when Spotify or Pandora are selected I cannot play music.  For Spotify, no matter what I select I get an error message “cannot add music to queue” and for Pandora I get a connection error message.  Prior to resetting the system and adding the fifth Connect Amp there was a Bridge installed.  As part of the work to add the fifth amp I ran a data cable to the location where the five amps are located and connected it directly to one of the amps and eliminated the Bridge.  Since all units were reset, making this essentially a new installation, I assume eliminating the Bridge did not introduce a problem.  One other note:  currently there is an additional data cable jumping from the amp that I connected directly to the network and the next amp in line.  It should also be noted there is a Nighthawk Mesh Network system (3 units) in use in this house.  Last, when I set up the first amp (after resetting everything) Sonos requested me to set up a temporary Wifi network, which I did, using the client’s email address and password already in use for the existing Wifi network.  When I moved to the second and third amps, both requested the connection to the temporary Wifi network but neither asked for a password.  Again, all the Sonos units are working, but are unable to connect successfully to any of the music services other than Tune-In Radio.  


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Hi @RollandRahr,


If the system is unable to connect to multiple music services, that would indicate a larger network issue preventing a successful connection.

I suggest reproducing the issue, submitting a system diagnostic and getting in touch with our customer care team when you’re at the client’s location. They’ll be able to dive into the errors logged internally on the players when attempting to play from Spotify or Pandora and help to resolve the issues.

It’s worth noting, if you’re unable to successfully submit a diagnostic, this is something you should mention to our customer care team, as it may be related to the music service issues you’ve observed already.

That's exactly what I will do. Thank you for the super- fast response and I hope you have a swell day!





Thank you for the advice.  When I returned to the client's I immediately removed the data wiring to both Connect Amps.  I installed an Araknis 5-Port Switch then reconnected a cable to just one Amp. (I needed the additional ports for other devices).   The music services immediately came up and worked. I believe the source of the problem was having two Amps connected to the network.  Problem solved.