Spotify always skips when first starting up

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Hello @JasonAndrew,

How far away is the Garage Play:3 from the Sonos One wired to the primary mesh node? 

How far away is the Garage Play:3 next closest Sonos speaker in your system? 

Can you test this with the Ethernet cable detached on the Dining Room Play 1? 

I’d like to see if streamlining the network connection changes anything in the routing on your system.

I hadn’t previously been taking “Garage” into account but it may have a harder time if it’s further away from the rest of your players.  


Hi @Jean C. My Garage Play 3 is probably about less than 10 feet from my Living room Play 3 by line of sight. However, even right now, I’m seeing the living room play 3s cut out numerous times (every 30 seconds or so), and the sub, and one of my dining room speakers as well. They kind of rotate through which one is cutting out. Usually, my Living Room 2 doesn’t cut out - as it’s the one plugged in.  These diagnostics are with the Dining Room plugged into too. 

Here’s one diagnostic: 121507138

Here’s another about 5 minutes later: 1462801596

I’ve just unplugged the Dining Room Play 1 and it played for awhile then all the speakers except for Living Room 2, and then the other living room and dining room speakers been coming on intermittently and then going on and off going. 

Here’s diagnostic since unplugged Dining Room: 908782623

Don I need to unplug all the speakers and plug them back in after unplugged the dining room speaker hooked up to Satellite Orbi?


@Jean C. I unplugged all of my speakers, then began plugging them back in starting with Living room 2, and then Living Room, and then Dining Room, and then Garage, and then Master Bedroom. They all came back, but after about 40 minutes the speakers are cutting out again - very frequently. 

Here is diagnostic: 586842959

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Hello @JasonAndrew,

Thanks for the update and fresh diagnostic reports.

I’m sorry for the delay in responding, it’s been a bit crazy.

All players grouped to “Living Room 2” with that as the only wired unit looks like the ideal configuration here. 

Everything there looks beautiful until I see this massive latency spike in the network that I assume corresponds with your audio issues. 

Can you provide more detail or even a picture of where your Sonos One is situated?

What is is sitting on or near? are there any Cordless phones, radio devices, humidifiers/dehumidifiers or anything within a few feet of this player that might suddenly kick on and cause issues?  



I had the speaker sitting on top of a subwoofer by my TV and audio gear. I then moved it to a shelf above (see photo), but the problems kept happening. The speaker groups were cutting out so frequency that I resorted to replugging in my Dining Room speaker int the satellite Orbi and it’s been a lot more stable since then. So maybe the speakers randomly cutting out has to do with interference from the signal being broadcast from the Play One in my Living Room.  I can try putting the Play one up higher. See in the second photo the placement of all the living room speakers. 


Here’s a diagnostic with both the living room 2 Play One plugged into direction to the main router and the Dining room Play1 plugged into the satellite Orbi: 88806296. It’s been pretty stable.




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Hi @JasonAndrew,

That’s a pretty sweet set-up you have there.

Definitely getting your Sonos One up and away from the Sub and other audio gear will help it be able to broadcast a clean signal and communicate reliably with the rest of your Sonos system.

If you can find a way to get it more securely situated, I think you’re on your way to playback stability. 

Keep us posted on your set-up! 


@Jean C. I mounted a little shelf high in the corner above my computer with my wired Play One, and things have been working a lot better. I’ll keep you posted if any issues return. Thanks for your guidance.

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Glad to hear it, @JasonAndrew!

Happy listening to you. 


Hi @Jean C. You were so helpful in my last situation, that hopefully you can help with this new situation: