Spontaneous playing

  • 25 May 2017
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Hi, just the last couple of days, my Sonos 1 has just suddenly started playing spontaneously without any input from me. It chooses radio stations or tracks that I've never even heard of. This is very annoying. Any ideas why, and how to stop it?

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5 replies

Did you ever give a neighbour your WiFi password? Might be worth changing it.

Submit a system diagnostic and post the number. Sonos Support can then advise who/what started playback.
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Slightly entertaining for some of us... , and a mystery for you. Change your Wifi password, (there's a Sonos process to change it, unless you're running a Bridge or a Boost) and I bet you'll be all set.
Well thanks for the comments. Interesting as it's just the one SONOS Play 1 that was doing it. So I powered it down, left it a couple of hours then restarted it. No problems since. Very weird!
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We've also seen pets climbing on top and pressing the Play/Pause buttons. ratty's suggestion of sending a diagnostic the next time it happens is a great start. Steps here to submit a diagnostic and you can just let us know here the confirmation number. We'll let you know what device is starting playback.
OK, will do. Thanks.