Speech enhancement stopped working

  • 20 November 2021
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No longer noticing differences with speech enhancement being on or off. Prior to the recent update, it worked great, so no idea if related. Used to be super obvious when speech enhancement was on vs off.  Night mode thankfully still works. 


Swapped out the sound bar with a new one and same issue. Also swapped out 


Beam gen 2 is hooked up to Sony A80J do the HDMI3 eArc port with IKEA speakers in the rear.

Source material comes from Apple TV 4K plugged into HDMI 4.

8 replies

Hi @potatosupernova,


That seems odd. I’m not aware of any changes to the Speech Enhancement feature in the latest update, nor do I notice any difference on my system since the 13.4 update. 

Have you recently run TruePlay Tuning on your setup, perhaps after the latest update? It might be worth disabling TruePlay and checking to see if that makes any difference.

If not, I suggest submitting two system diagnostics - one with Speech Enhancement on and one without, recording those numbers and getting in touch with our customer care team for investigation.

Thanks @James L.  - 


Turning Trueplay on and off made a subtle difference in sound. There used to be a larger more noticeable difference. Turning off Trueplay doesn’t make a difference with the Speech Enhancement.


I’ll try support again.

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@James L. I have also noticed this using my Sonos ARC, Speech enhancement doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to, I tried a number of clips, turning it on and off, but could not notice any difference with speech.

Did you also submit the two diagnostics, as @James L. suggested, and contact the customer care team?

Yes. I talked to customer care. They said it is my TV settings. I’ve already set them according to manufacturer. No change.

Sorry, that was directed at @Mitchellsx , not you. 

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I will do that also, but as I can see in the Sonos forums this issue has been reported a number of times, I doubt it’s just my system that has a fault, but will see what happens. Thanks

The more hard data that Sonos can look at, rather than simple ‘me too’ posts, the better. If it is an issue with the Sonos software, there is a significantly higher chance it can be found, and dealt with, when there are examples from folks who are experiencing this issue. Unfortunately, others are not. Both of my two Arcs are not exhibiting the issue, so my diagnostics wouldn’t likely be helpful at all.