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  • 18 August 2016
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90 replies

Yeah, a reboot did nothing for mine. It's only 1 play:3 that is out of sync. Everything else is perfect.
Hi there,

I recently moved my entire sonos network and then put everything back as it was. After doing this, my speakers have gone out of synch. Here is my number - 8212838

Thanks for your help.

I just bought a Sonos Connect and connected it to my Yamaha RXS600, but the sound from the receiver is behind my Play 1 when grouping them.
I have tried borh coax and L/R (the included cables) as well as wired and wireless network connection to the Connect. The Play 1 is connected to wifi. I tried resetting my modem and router, and power recycle both the Connect and Play 1.

Any idea of a solution ? Will continous playing of music in group help?

Diagnostics report: 8247577
Just got a pair of Play 3 speakers for Christmas and set them up as a stereo pair. They sound awesome but keep going out of sync. I unpaired them and repaired which fixed it, but over the next hour they slowly drifted apart again. I ran a diagnostic- number 8299395. Appreciate any help.
Submitting my diagnostics number: 8330165

I have (2) Play 1's and a Connect attached to my Oppo 105d via optical in, which then routes to my Sony DN1050 AV Receiver via HDMI audio in. My Connect is consistently out of sync with the (2) Play 1's. No matter where I start the group from and deem the leader. I've restarted my router and wifi. I've selected a channel on my wifi. I've unplugged/power cycled/reinstalled, nothing seems to work. I have all processing turned off on my receiver. No matter what I do my Connect is out of sync with the (2) Play 1's. All my rooms are within ear shot of each other so it is very unpleasant to run them at the same time, which has been my intent with purchasing the Connect in the first place.


My playback and a play 1 seems to be out of sync since quite recently. Software is up to date - could you please check the diagnostics report 8475818

Quite annoying that this happens - for whatsoever reason.

Thanks for heckling
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Hello there, Harphus. Thanks for posting and for the diagnostic report. When experiencing this problem, are you playing TV audio from the PLAYBAR to other players? Thanks for clarifying.
Hey Keith - it happens when I am playing regular music (e.g. Soundcloud) on all speakers (or a subset thereof). I am not streaming from the TV-Playbar to other speakers. Thanks
My system has gone horribly out of sync after working great for months. Diagnostics report is 1315484482.
Hi I’m experiencing the exact same issue. I paired two Play:1’s as a stereo pair but they would be out of sync every next day. Unpairing and pairing again would temporarily fix the issue before they become out of sync again the next day. I’ve submitted diagnostics with confirmation number 1506047548
I didn’t get a response from Sonos but in researching it myself I found a thread where the customer thought he had powered down the speaker but the log said he actually had powered down the wrong one. I went and powered my down, making sure I had the right one, and when it came back up it sounded fine.
Hi there,

I’m having the same issue too with a pair of Sonos 1.

My diagnostic number is 943133046

What I’ve tried so far:
- decouple the stereo unit to mono and convert again to stereo
- redid the audio eq tune
- problem went away and came back again tonight
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Hi sextonmusic, kenan3cn, and Shah W,

Due to the nature of these issues it would be best to work with our phone team to get things sorted out. Please give us a call, you can find our phone number and hours here.
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My system has gone horribly out of sync after working great for months. Diagnostics report is 1315484482.

Hi sufferingthebenz,

I'm not seeing a whole lot in your report. What is the source of the audio you're playing?