Speakers keep disappearing from the system

  • 10 December 2016
  • 2 replies

System: 2xPlay1 (office & master bedroom), 1xPlay3(kitchen), 1xSoundbar(living room), 1xBoost

This setup has worked fine for two years.

Since updating the software last week, there has a persistent problem where two of the speakers don't appear on any given controller. Usually the combination is that the kitchen and living room appear on the laptop controller and the office and master bedroom appear on the phone controller (all Mac/Ipad/Iphone).

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting the boost - this works for a couple of minutes (all four speakers appear on the controller) and then shortly after that two of the speakers disappear from the controller.

Any suggestions?

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2 replies

Have you tried shutting it all down, including your router and any wireless devices? Then bring up the router and once it is completely up reintroduce your Sonos kit and see if that fixes it.
BCM - that didn't fix it but it did guide me to the fix - which is to disconnect the Boost(!?)

I'm going to raise that as a separate question - gotta be something wrong there....