Speakers frequently cutting out

  • 6 July 2019
  • 1 reply

This is extremely disappointing but ever since adding a new play 1 a month or so ago my Sonos setup has been very tempremental with speakers often cutting out. Please advise ASAP what needs to be done as this is now becoming unusable! I have taken a diagnostic under reference 1172494992.

Please advise as this is a very expensive setup now pretty much redundant.

1 reply

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Sending a diagnostic number to the user to user forum on a Friday afternoon isn't likely to result in an ASAP type response, maybe Monday if the forum folks get here and find it. None of us users can see the diagnostic info.

Sonos offers several live 24x7 support options on their contact page as well as phones when open and e-mail with a 24 hour response.