Speakers dropping out

  • 16 November 2019
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I have been using Sonos for many years but got this problem last couple of month I guess. Speakers are randomly dropping out, it starts with that I cannot detect them in spotify but sometimes I could see them in the Sonos app. Now I can see them in the sonos app (and sometimes in the spotify app) but they are “unregistered”. When I try to register them to my account I get this error. The speakers are VERY close to my AP. I have rebooted all devices including my network units. I few month ago I got tired and resetted all speakers to (factory reset) and managed to set everything up again. But just a few days later I had the same problem. I got all my Sonos products to AVOID THIS KIND OF MANAGEMENT! I WILL SOON THROW EVERYTHING OUT AND SET MY HOUSE ON FIRE. Ok?


My diagnostic code: 1658875016


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