speakers drop out


My Sonos setup has recently started to have problems with speakers dropping out . I have an open plan lounge ,dining,kitchen . System as follows

lounge has play around , sub and two play ones as surround with play around connected to tv with optical . This on its own works perfectly . Kitchen area has play 5 Gen 2 . Dining has play 3 and originally had bridge connected to router but now has boost. 
lounge set up works perfectly on tv with no problems . Play 5 and play3 work perfectly ok on Spotify or Amazon music . When playing Spotify or Amazon on full setup , all lounge speakers drop out periodically. It also done this with bridge towards the end just before I changed to boost which I had hoped would fix the issue . Prior to that the system worked perfectly well since 2016 !

Its now driving me mad and I’m on the verge of scrapping the lot , please help

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Have you rebooted your router? Are you able to connect any of your speakers directly to the router with an ethernet cable?

I’ve done the reboot and reconnected all the speakers again but it made no difference , I can easily connect the play 3 with Ethernet cable but it’s not one of the ones that’s dropping out 


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If you connect one of your speakers to your router with an ethernet cable, it will create a SonosNet mesh network that could improve the network performance of all of your speakers. So if you connect the Play:3 to your router, it could fix the problems with your other speakers.

Note that you should not run the ethernet cable to a surround speaker. It needs to be to a “room”, not a surround or Sub.