Speakers Disappear when ethernet connected

My system is working ok on wifi, but when I connect one of them to the router via ethernet, they all disappear apart from the Beam. Unplug the ethernet cable, and they all re-appear. The reason i’m doing this is to create a Sonos Net, which is grey’d out, so is unavailable.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Are these speakers that you’re working to your router set up as surround speakers, or the SUB? You shouldn’t be using ‘bonded’ devices as the Ethernet connected one.

If the connected one isn’t a surrounded speaker or SUB, how long did you wait for the system to recognize the new signal and switch over?

Did you try power cycling all of your Sonos devices, to ‘force’ them to rescan for available signals?

I first connected the Play 5, as that's next to the router. I left that for about 5-10 mins. I was streaming music from Spotify at the time, my Play:1 and One continued playing but the 5 stopped, and disappeared from the app. After a while the 5 started playing again, but never reappeared on the app. Then one by one the Play;1 and One also disappeared from the app, but the Beam with my 2 Symfonisks remained.

I unplugged the 5 for a few minutes, but it still didn't reappear on the app. I pressed the link button on the back and searched for it but it couldn't find it. When I unplugged the ethernet cable from the 5, everything reappeared. 

I've ordered a Boost which is being delivered today, so I'm hoping that will solvefmy drop out issues. 

It is really weird for it to work wirelessly but not wired.  I wonder about a setting in the router that is stopping wired devices connecting.  Or stopping wired and wireless devices from connecting with each other.  That would be consistent with the other speakers dropping off one by one, because as soon as they switched over to SonosNet, the router would view them as wired devices.

That is pretty speculative.  What is the make and model of router?  Is the router firmware fully up to date?

I would try a different cable, and a different speaker as the wired speaker too, just by process of elimination.

Solved: I powered all speakers off and connected the 5 by ethernet, then powered all speakers back on again. All are now working, visible and controllable in the app. Sonos Net is now accessible too, so all’s good!

I’m thinking I may not need the boost now, so will probably return for a refund.

Thanks for your replies.